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Exterior Painting

For all your exterior painting needs, contact Hennessy Painting

Exterior Painting

Using extensive spray painting techniques, we are able to carry out high-quality exterior painting services with an excellent finish and a quick turnaround.

All of our exterior painting services include prepping the walls with powerwashing tools, and we offer a versatile range of colours for customers to choose from. Regardless of what exterior painting job you choose, we provide the same great standard of care and professionalism seen across all of our projects.

For exterior painting services that deliver a high-quality finish in a reasonable timeframe, contact Hennessy Painting

Anti-Mould Paint

We want your exteriors to look great while also standing up to the elements. We can provide exterior painting services that make extensive use of anti-mould paint, ensuring your walls remain free of mould and fungus for the foreseeable future.

Hennessy Painting

For high-quality anti-mould paint applied to exterior surfaces, contact Hennessy Painting

Masonry Fix

In addition to our exterior painting services, we also take care of some mild masonry fixes.

We make sure that elements of masonry on your property are of suitable quality and not lying in disrepair before we paint over them, to ensure a consistent finish on your household.

Masonry Fix

For masonry fixes and repairs included with exterior painting services, contact Hennessy Painting

Exterior Painting FAQ

Where can I find an exterior painter near me?

Hennessy Painting offers exterior painting services to customers in Carlow, Laois, Kildare and Kilkenny

What exterior painting services are available?

Our exterior painting includes powerwashing to prepare the surface, the application of anti-mould paint and minor masonry fixes.

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