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Hennessy Painting

For specialist paint coatings that stand up to all kinds of external forces and elements, contact Hennessy Painting

Specialist Coatings

We offer a large selection of specialist coatings at Hennessy Painting. These specialist coatings are different to the regular paint we supply and can be used for a wide variety of different purposes to suit your needs.


Our paints are perfect for complex paintwork, such as graffiti coverups. We also have access to special coats for unique surfaces, such as anti-scuff paint

For specialist coatings that cover a wide range of different surface types, contact Hennessy Painting

Line Painting & Sign Painting

We have specialist paint coatings for both public and private uses. Previously, we have performed line painting for both home garages and shop car parks.


We also offer sign painting for roads if requested.

For public and private line painting and sign painting services, contact Hennessy Painting

Anti-Climbing Paint

If you’re looking at painting your property while also helping ensure its security, we offer anti-climbing paint. This lasts for a long time while preventing intruders from climbing up wall surfaces.

Anti-Mould Paint

We also offer anti-mould paint that helps prevent fungus and mould from forming on your property’s exterior.

For highly-effective anti-mould paint that prevents fungus, contact Hennessy Painting

Specialist Coatings FAQ

Where can I find line painting near me?

Hennessy Painting offers line painting for clients in Kilkenny, Laois, Carlow and Kildare.

What type of specialist paint coatings are available?

We offer anti-mould paint, anti-climbing paint and paint that helps with graffiti removal.

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