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Spray Painting

For all your exterior painting needs, contact Hennessy Painting

Spray Painting

Why use spray painting when traditional painting methods are available? Simply put, spray painting offers the same high-quality finish as traditional brushes and rollers, but at a quicker pace.


This makes it an ideal choice for customers who want to complete a large amount of paint work in a short amount of time.

We offer spray painting services across the home such as kitchen spray services, including kitchen cabinets and kitchen furniture. We also provide exterior and interior spray painting to new builds.

For fast spray painting services that deliver a high-quality finish, contact Hennessy Painting

New Builds

Spray painting is an ideal choice for new builds. New builds have a lot of ground to cover in a short amount of time, in terms of painting and decorating.


By relying on our spray painting services, we are able to complete your new builds in a reasonable time-frame with high-quality finishes.

Hennessy Painting

For spray painting that helps paint new builds quickly, contact Hennessy Painting

Kitchen Resprays

One of our specialist services is kitchen resprays. We use spray painting to restore kitchens to an almost brand-new condition. You can learn more on our separate page for Kitchen Resprays.

Kitchen Resprays

To find out more about our kitchen respray services, visit our page on kitchen resprays.

Farm Machinery

Spray painting allows us to paint tricky surfaces safely and efficiently. We have previously spray painted all kinds of farm machinery with paint that stands up to long use and looks great.

Spray Painting FAQ

What is the benefit of spray painting?

Spray painting provides the same high-quality finish as traditional brushes and rollers, but at a quicker turnaround.

What is spray painting used for?

Spray painting is used for interior painting and exterior painting services, but also for specialist tasks like kitchen resprays and painting farm machinery.

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